CBORD Solutions for Integrated Security

CBORD Campus Security Systems

CBORD's integrated security solutions provide a complete look at campus safety operations. From access control to video surveillance to mass notifications, each component communicates with the others, delivering relevant information to the right people in a timely fashion. Fully integrated with CBORD's industry-leading campus card systems, CS Gold® and Odyssey PCS™, these solutions provide complete campus management in an efficient, easy-to-manage format.

Avail™ Hosted Access Control

CBORDís hosted access control solution, Avail, is easy to implement, manage, and expand. Easily accessible from any web browser, Avail is designed to improve campus security with minimal resources required. Never before has a high-security solution been so highly available.

CS Access™

An access control solution should do more than open doors—it should proactively prevent and resolve security incidents. CS Access turns your existing student data into access privileges without messy conversion interfaces. Flexible scheduling, IP-based control, and a wide variety of built-in security integrations make CS Access the perfect fit for higher education of all sizes.

CS Action and Response Management™

Automate alarm actions and improve responsiveness with CS Action & Response Management. The solution notifies responsible parties of alarm conditions via email or phone, locks and unlocks doors, activates alarm functions, and escalates according to user-defined action plans. All this means operators spend their energy making informed decisions, rather than manually wading through and responding to alarms.

Mobile-Enabled Security

Cell phones are indispensable lifelines for your students. Harness their power while improving security and convenience with mobile-enabled security solutions from CBORD.

CBORD Campus Security Monitor™

The CBORD Campus Security Monitor offers a single application to effectively monitor all forms of building access, security alarm, and event activity. The solution gives a quick view of access transactions, active and cleared alarms, color-coded access states, cardholder images, and video.

CS Notify™

CS Notify is an advanced mass notification system built on the power of CBORD's industry-leading campus card and integrated security solutions for emergency and general multi-mode communications. Its deep and unique integration CS Gold gives CS Notify wider message deployment, easier maintenance of contact information, and more end-user mobile origination features than any other solution on the market.

CS Intelligent Video™

CBORD solutions for intelligent video management communicate with other campus technologies to enable event-driven security monitoring. Rather than simply streaming live video feeds, these flexible systems tie video to access and alarm events, making it easy to identify and respond to security incidents promptly. CBORD puts relevant information in front of the right people, whenever and however they need it.