Food Service Software Solutions for Higher Education

CBORD Foodservice Software Solutions and kiosk software for Higher Education

CBORD® offers both a SaaS and an on-premise food management solution to meet the needs of your organization. From back-of-house operations to online and mobile nutrition information for customers, CBORD's solutions integrate seamlessly to improve service and your bottom line.

CBORD® Fusion™

CBORD® Fusion™ is a cloud-based food service operations and cost management solution for all campus dining venues with tools designed for managing both retail and board dining.

Foodservice Suite®

Foodservice Suite® helps large or complex college and university operations simplify their back-of-house management. The flexible, on-premise system lets managers manage recipes, track inventory, and streamline purchasing to increase menu offerings while maintaining control. Its modular architecture lets each institution choose the functionality they desire now, while making it easy to expand in the future.


NetNutrition® is an online solution putting nutritional information at students' fingertips. From the convenience of their computers or smartphones, students can view menu offerings; filter by dining location, allergens, or other preferences (vegan, kosher, locally grown, etc.); and see nutritional information for specific menu items or for entire meals or days.