CS Gold® WebManager™

CS Gold® WebManager™

CS Gold WebManager extends your use of CS Gold without requiring a GUI. It provides the back-end components necessary to implement many of CBORD's online and mobile solutions for CS Gold in a simple, unified approach.

The core components of CS Gold WebManager offer online and mobile features for patrons and system administrators alike.

For patrons: Specify notification preferences, report cards or phones lost or found, use CBORD mobile apps, and more.

For administrators: Issue cards, run reports, monitor alarms, perform transactions, manage privileges, and more.

CS Gold WebManager also has an optional Access module for CS Access™ users, offering even more online and mobile control.

For patrons: Open a door with a text message ("Open MyDoor"), request temporary access to a location ("MasterKey"; e.g, to let RAs respond to late-night lockouts), display access privileges and recent card use history, and more.

For administrators:  Manage access privileges, assignments, and exceptions; monitor door states; lock, unlock, or lockdown doors; and more.

Even more online and mobile features are available with CBORD's GET commerce solution.

CS Gold® WebManager™ Features

  • 24/7 online and mobile account access
  • Reduced GUI maintenance with online system access
  • Improved student satisfaction
  • Greater productivity and efficiency

Technical Resources

Learn about CS Gold's powerful partnership program through the CBORD Xchange Program.

Product Sheets for CS Gold® WebManager™

GET™ (PDF) 927 kB
CS Gold WebManager (PDF) 124 kB
Pathlight (PDF) 953 kB

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