CS Gold®

CS Gold®

The CS Gold® campus ID card system from CBORD® sets a high standard for integrated ID card software. The powerful, modular campus ID card system integrates seemingly disparate auxiliary services with ease. Its wide range of integrated applications, flexible architecture, powerful data exchanges, and intuitive GUI place CS Gold securely atop the most robust ID card software systems available today.

Modules of CS Gold include:

  • Avail™: Hosted door access control system easily accessible from any web browser. Avail is designed to improve campus security with minimal resources required.
  • CS Access™: IP-based door access control system designed specifically for college and university campus security systems.
  • CS Action and Response Management™: Automates specified procedures when an alarm is triggered in CS Gold (e.g., lock doors, activate alarm functions, and email or call officers on duty).
  • CS Notify™: Advanced mass notification system designed to meet universities' emergency and general multi-mode communication needs.
  • CS Meal Plans™: Powerful functionality for meal plan cost accounting, scheduling, proration of meal plan purchases/refunds, individual refund of meals, future meal dispensation, and more.
  • CS Entitlements™: Supervision of ticketing, voting privileges, advanced transaction rules processing, special program admittance, and more for campus ID card software.
  • CS Stored Value & Credit™: Allows for user-defined debit/credit plans for vending, bookstores, libraries, copiers, dining services, network printing, laundry machines, and off-campus purchasing for campus ID card systems.
  • CS CardLink™: Integrates card production into the CS Gold ID card software Patron GUI, providing a seamless process of creating patrons and ID cards through a single user interface.
  • CS Gold® WebManager™ Software: Makes it easy to expand your use of CS Gold without requiring a GUI. This solution provides the back-end components necessary to implement many of CBORD's online and mobile solutions for CS Gold in a simple, unified approach.
  • Mobile-Enabled Security: Cutting-edge secure features enable privilege verification and spending from the convenience of a mobile phone. Functionality includes harnessing the power of a campus card in a smartphone app with CBORD Mobile ID™, text-enabled access control solutions like Open MyDoor or MasterKey, and the support of the latest credentials like Near Field Communications (NFC).

CS Gold® Features

  • Support for Oracle 12c (now with Linux option), Windows 2012 R2, Microsoft Clustering, and Crystal 2013
  • Wide variety of privilege credentials supported
  • Distributed system administration and flexible reporting
  • Email or text notifications to cardholders for important alerts and marketing messages
    • Improve security by alerting cardholders to suspicious account activity
    • Better target university marketing messages
  • Proactively sends messages to alert support personnel of system problems
  • Modular application expansion using one central set of system-wide servers
  • Designed with uptime and reliability as top priorities

Technical Resources

Learn about CS Gold's powerful partnership program through the CBORD Xchange Program.

Product Sheets for CS Gold®

CS Gold® (PDF) 5.1 MB
CS Access (PDF) 131 kB
CS Card Link (PDF) 169 kB
CS Entitlements (PDF) 162 kB
CS Meal Plans (PDF) 132 kB
CBORD Mobile ID™ (PDF) 689 kB
CS Gold 7 Updates (PDF) 306 kB
CS Gold WebManager (PDF) 124 kB
Pathlight (PDF) 953 kB
Pathlight Trial (PDF) 1.9 MB
Ugryd® (PDF) 309 kB

Data Xchanges Info for CS Gold®

Hardware Info for CS Gold®

Aero III Card Reader (PDF) 158 kB
ASSA ABLOY WiFi Locks (PDF) 556 kB
CBORD® Video (PDF) 493 kB
Combination Reader (PDF) 97 kB
CS Gold AdminPDA (PDF) 1 MB
CS Pocket Reader (PDF) 157 kB
Digital Acoustics (PDF) 89 kB
Inovonics® (PDF) 95 kB
IP-MDB Vending Reader (PDF) 104 kB
Oracle® MICROS® 5A (PDF) 476 kB
Oracle® MICROS® KW270 (PDF) 119 kB
Schlage® NDE Series (PDF) 553 kB
Squadron (PDF) 164 kB
TransCore SmartPass (PDF) 856 kB

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Product Videos for CS Gold®

To The Point | MobileOrdering: The Future
"Mobile Ordering is really where it's at"—Beth
The Dashboard and New User Interface
Get the information you and your leadership need to make informed decisions about student services and business operations. CS Gold's web-based dashboard gives high-level information at a glance—anywhere, anytime.
To The Point | Cellular Vending
Vending for One and Vending for All! How about readers that accept campus cards and credit cards? Sami has the scoop.
To The Point | 10 Ways to Use Mobile Reader
We thought Mobile Reader was a mobile POS but our clients taught us otherwise—it is way more. Meg and Angela compiled a Top 10 List exploring all the ways you can use Mobile Reader on your campus.
Residence Hall Visitor Management
Improve security with this web-based feature that makes it easy for students to register guests in advance, as well as for desk attendants to stay informed about guest statuses.
Online Room Reservations
Make campus special-use rooms (e.g., music practice rooms and meeting rooms) easier to reserve and accurately report on their usage, driving student success. Students and other patrons can reserve rooms online and check in and out using online access readers.
Wireless Thermostat Control
Allow patrons to control and monitor their thermostats using a web app, from a desktop, or from any mobile device. Be green. Save some green.
Support of the latest technologies
We discuss the impact TPS Clustering and Microsoft Clustering will have on your operation. (Hint: it's big!)
LDAP for Access
CS Gold version 7 supports active directory (LDAP) integration for automated access assignments. This makes it easy to assign access privileges based on information such as housing assignment, department, etc.—no human intervention required.
CBORD® Mobile ID®
It's cool. And you can try it for free with CS Gold version 7.

Services for CS Gold®

    CBORD Education

    Product education, how, when, and where you need it
    • Classroom
      At CBORD's learning facility in Duluth, GA., we offer instructor-led, hands-on courses designed to meet the needs of the experienced and new CBORD system user.

      For full details, including our classroom schedule, click below to learn more.

    • Onsite Training
      Our onsite training is tailored to meet the needs of your facility and a great way to experience focused training over the course of your system implementation.

    • Virtual Classroom
      Our virtual courses combine the best of traditional classroom learning with online instruction without having to leave your desk.

      For full details, including our virtual classroom schedule, click below to learn more.

    • Personalized Distance Training
      Personalized Distance Training is customized, one-to-one, online instruction designed to address your topic when you need it.

    • eLearning
      eLearning offers an online, self-paced training tool designed to guide you through the settings and key features of your CBORD system.

      Current eLearning users please sign in. Not an eLearning user? Click to request information about this training option.

    • Regional Conferences
      CBORD's regional conferences are hosted regionally by client sites and are designed to deliver focused educational sessions and training on ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance safety and security, and increase customer satisfaction.

    Project Management Services

    CBORD’s Project Management provides a solid framework to deliver predictable results
    • Project Management Services
      The project approach is a strategic driver to the successful completion of every CBORD implementation project. At CBORD we follow Project Management Institute (PMI) principles and are staffed with Project Managers who are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Utilizing this industry-standard methodology and guidelines with the flexibility to accommodate each client's unique objectives provides our customers with best practices in planning and managing projects with emphasis in delivering on customer expectations of quality, budget and schedule.

    Database Administration

    Reliable Database Administration from product experts
    • Outsource Database Administration
      Fully outsourcing your Database Administration with CBORD may be a cost-effective way to receive the IT support you need. Let CBORD Database experts keep your system running securely at peak performance with appropriate backup. Our experts know how to manage the system and what CBORD products require. Most importantly, you can count on us to be there when you need support and peace of mind.

    • Quarterly Oracle Patching
      CBORD's Remote DBA Staff will apply CBORD approved Oracle patches each quarter to ensure that CBORD databases are kept up to date with critical application and security patches.

    Personalized Support

    Direct access to help when you need it.
    • Technician On Call
      Having direct access to a CBORD trained technician helps to ensure your projects are successful. Purchasing Personalized Support enables our clients to work seamlessly with CBORD personnel to ensure that their projects are successful.

    • Custom System Configuration
      Trust CBORD to perform significant configuration to CBORD systems. Technicians are dedicated to working with you in designing, applying and testing major system changes.