NetNutrition is an online solution from CBORD that lets students, staff, and other patrons view menu offerings, filter by dining location, allergens, or other preferences (vegan, kosher, locally grown, etc.), and see nutritional information not only for specific menu items, but for entire meals or days. Fully integrated with Foodservice Suite®, NetNutrition is powered by your menu data, eliminating the need to update each system individually. NetNutrition is updated automatically, providing your students with the latest information to help them make informed decisions.

NetNutrition is designed with today's dining environment in mind, offering benefits for a variety of stakeholders:
  • Students learn healthy eating habits
  • Parents find peace of mind knowing their children are eating well away from home
  • Administrators take pride in promoting their universities' efforts placing them securely at the forefront of nutritional education.

NetNutrition Cloud™

Designed for organizations not using CBORD's Food Service Suite (FSS)

NetNutrition Cloud is designed for organizations that would like to provide accurate nutrition and allergy information on their menu offerings but are not using CBORD's Food Service Suite (FSS). You can offer patrons most of the benefits of our premier NetNutrition solution, without the investment of a food service system. CBORD's hosted product includes the managed services you need, to provide the nutrition information your patrons are asking for.

Food Service simply provides CBORD with the menu and recipes for a venue, and CBORD Managed Services analyzes the recipes, sets up the menus, designs the site, and provides ongoing maintenance.

No IT Resources Required.
When the site goes live, patrons simply go online to build their meals by item, and are able to view nutrition information for each selection and for the entire meal. They can also select filters to stay within dietary preferences (e.g., vegan, low fat, or heart healthy) or to avoid allergens.

Online, Mobile, or Kiosk Display
NetNutrition Cloud gives you the freedom to reach your customers in the way that works best for them and for you. The site is optimized for display on mobile devices. It can also display on a kiosk in a popular dining area, or even on an iPad® or other tablet. NetNutrition Cloud goes where your customers go.

Nutrition Information Labels
Your NetNutrition Cloud subscription includes a standard nutrition label layout, making it easy to meet labeling requirements using your nutrition information.

If you don't have FSS and now is not the time for you to make this strategic investment, NetNutrition Cloud is easy alternative that allows you to provide all the nutrition information you are being asked for.

NetNutrition® Features

  • Improves student and parent satisfaction with online nutritional information
  • Encourages informed dining choices
  • Offers mobile convenience to a tech-savvy population
  • Features flexible site customization to fit your institution's graphical identity
  • Integrates seamlessly with Foodservice Suite, providing automatic updates and up-to-date menu data

Product Sheets for NetNutrition®

NetNutrition® (PDF) 127 kB
Menu Display Interface (PDF) 708 kB
NetNutrition Cloud™ (PDF) 131 kB

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Product Videos for NetNutrition®

To the Point | NetNutrition
Students, and their parents, can filter dining options for food allergens—keeping your campus safe. NetNutrition® uses the menu data you already maintain to conveniently offer students with the information they need to make healthy dining decisions.

Services for NetNutrition®

    CBORD Education

    Product education, how, when, and where you need it
    • Onsite Training
      Our onsite training is tailored to meet the needs of your facility and a great way to experience focused training over the course of your system implementation.

    • Virtual Classroom
      Our virtual courses combine the best of traditional classroom learning with online instruction without having to leave your desk.

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    • Personalized Distance Training
      Personalized Distance Training is customized, one-to-one, online instruction designed to address your topic when you need it.

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    • Regional Conferences
      CBORD's regional conferences are hosted regionally by client sites and are designed to deliver focused educational sessions and training on ways to increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance safety and security, and increase customer satisfaction.

    • CBORD User Group (UGC)
      UGC is a purposeful and strategic annual conference that provides both certification and educational sessions that help you efficiently and cost-effectively operate your CBORD system(s).

    Consulting Services

    Our business consultants provide in-depth analysis and best practices recommendations to maximize your return on investment
    • Cost Savings Through Process Improvement
      A CBORD industry professional will work with you to map your process flow and identify key areas for cost savings. Using CBORD reports, together you will determine any necessary changes, implement improvements, and benchmark progress. Managers often find that this data analysis process is an extremely effective and rewarding experience.

    • Systems Diagnostic Review and Success Plan
      If you would like to get the most out of your CBORD systems, we have the experience to lead the charge. A CBORD expert will meet with you and your staff to review your CBORD systems, licenses, hardware, and versions, and recommend the next steps needed to gain maximum benefit from your CBORD investment.

    Implementation Services

    CBORDís implementation process provides structure and is flexible to meet your organizations individual needs. Overall our approach reduces your risk bringing your project in on scope, on budget, and on time.
    • Implementation Services
      CBORD brings to your organization over 35 years of successful implementations. CBORDís implementation process provides structure and is flexible to meet your organizations individual needs. Overall our approach reduces your risk bringing your project in on scope, on budget, and on time. CBORDís methodology is based on industry best practices in project management, configuration and build, testing, and training.
      Project Management
      The structure of our implementation is grounded in sound project management practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI). We are staffed with Project Managers who are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs).
      Our customers have defined for you a core set of starting configuration and data. There is no need to recode data that is common in our industry. CBORD has consolidated the best practice into CBORData. Your installation and build phases are dramatically decreased when using CBORData.
      We used a blended learning approach in the training component of our implementations. CBORD uses multiple mediums/setting including classroom, virtual classroom, personalized distance training, eSeminars, and eLearning. Our training solution is designed to fit your organization and implementation. "

    Project Management Services

    CBORDís Project Management provides a solid framework to deliver predictable results
    • Project Management Services
      The project approach is a strategic driver to the successful completion of every CBORD implementation project. At CBORD we follow Project Management Institute (PMI) principles and are staffed with Project Managers who are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Utilizing this industry-standard methodology and guidelines with the flexibility to accommodate each client's unique objectives provides our customers with best practices in planning and managing projects with emphasis in delivering on customer expectations of quality, budget and schedule.

    Systems Integration

    The right interfaces make all the difference
    • Interface Add-On Functionality
      If you would like to use data from an existing system in a new way, we can help. When changes are anticipated, contact a CBORD interface expert and let us help you develop an automated method that supports your workflow.

    • New and Replacement Interfaces
      If you are changing a system that interfaces with your CBORD system, remember to get a CBORD interface expert involved early in the project as the analysis we do will prevent the need for data cleanup later. Itís not uncommon to think that because your new system sends over the same information your old interface will work. Early planning and budgeting for an interface upgrade makes the process seamless to your users.

    Database Administration

    Reliable Database Administration from product experts
    • Database Build
      If your plans include implementing new software, save time and expand your capabilities by putting our database experts to work for you. We can build your database, ensuring a seamless transition to keep your system running smoothly.

    • Outsource Database Administration
      Fully outsourcing your Database Administration with CBORD may be a cost-effective way to receive the IT support you need. Let CBORD Database experts keep your system running securely at peak performance with appropriate backup. Our experts know how to manage the system and what CBORD products require. Most importantly, you can count on us to be there when you need support and peace of mind.

    Database Maintenance

    Let our experts assist with data entry to give your project a quick start.
    • Rebuild Menus or Database
      Plan ahead when you know that your contractor is changing. Changing contractors may mean you need to rebuild menus or your entire database. Get CBORD involved early and we can support you through a management change and keep your system running smoothly.

    • Database Cleanup or Reimplementation
      Clean databases improve efficiencies and speed up your workflow. CBORD database experts can schedule cleanup to purge old data, perform a full reimplementation, and perform other wellness checks. If staff changes or other challenges have bogged you down, CBORD database experts can revive your database giving you and your staff a fresh start.

    Personalized Support

    Direct access to help when you need it.
    • Technician On Call
      Having direct access to a CBORD trained technician helps to ensure your projects are successful. Purchasing Personalized Support enables our clients to work seamlessly with CBORD personnel to ensure that their projects are successful.

    • Custom System Configuration
      Trust CBORD to perform significant configuration to CBORD systems. Technicians are dedicated to working with you in designing, applying and testing major system changes.