CBORD to Introduce Integrated Temperature Management to Ensure Food Safety and Prevent Food Loss

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CBORD to Introduce Integrated Temperature Management to Ensure Food Safety and Prevent Food Loss The CBORD Group, Inc., the leading provider of food management and cashless card systems to healthcare facilities and colleges and universities, is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive temperature management solution powered by SMART Temps® that fully integrates with CBORD's foodservice software solutions.

CBORD has partnered with SMART Temps, LLC (www.smart-temps.com) to offer this highly effective tool that allows clients to accurately check and record food temperatures, as well as monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures around the clock.

The SMART Temps® system easily integrates with CBORD's food service solutions, making it simple and convenient for CBORD® clients to check and record temperatures for all of their menu items, as well as their freezer, cooler, storeroom, and cooking equipment temperatures. Staff can easily monitor temperatures during each phase of the food production process, which helps to identify potential problems and document corrective actions. SMART Temps can even send customizable alerts if temperatures reach an improper range; these alerts help to prevent costly food losses and signal potential equipment failures. The tight integration of SMART Temps technology with CBORD software systems represents the first of its kind in the industry.

SMART Temps uses wireless technology to document the food and equipment temperature information in real-time on the client's secure website, allowing temperatures to be checked online, any time, so immediate action can be taken when necessary. Food service directors can easily access a secure website to view temperature data, track temperature trends, and create on-demand custom reports for both internal and external reporting.

"We are proud to partner with CBORD to expand SMART Temps' Real-Time Peace of Mind® and protection to even more food service operations. We know that quality of client services and support are among their greatest strengths and we are confident that SMART Temps will reinforce this commitment," said SMART Temps President, Richard Florea.

"Our purpose in teaming up with SMART Temps is to offer the most effective controls to manage asset protection and protect the food our clients serve. Food safety is a priority at CBORD, and it is a priority we take very seriously," said Chris Haley, CBORD's Vice President of Product Development. "SMART Temps integrated with CBORD's Foodservice Suite® or NetMenu® is the best solution for providing consistent, safe, and comprehensive temperature management."

About The CBORD Group, Inc.

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About SMART Temps, LLC

SMART Temps, LLC, founded by Michael McKay and John Miller, is located in Mishawaka, Indiana. With extensive experience with food safety management programs and temperature monitoring system, SMART Temps commitment to the Food Service industry is evident by their fifty plus cumulative years in the industry.


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