MICROS 9700 Training Opportunities for CS Gold

CBORD's Customer Education group offers a variety of courses at our training facility in Duluth, GA. Classes range from system overview boot camps to advanced workshops.

Are you looking for information to assist you in managing the more technical aspects of your MICROS® 9700 system? From June 28 through June 30, you can participate in the MICROS 9700 Advanced System Maintenance and Administration training course. These three days will be full of high-level information geared toward educating you in the maintenance and troubleshooting of your server(s) and databases. 

Designed based on customer input, and led by the POS Support Department, we've compiled an advanced agenda with topics including:  Management of Services and Processes; Log Files; NetVupoint Jobs; CS Gold Interface and Audit Logs; Microsoft Sequel Tools, Advanced Setup, and Performance; SQL Scripts; Server Sizing; and Disaster Recovery.   

Prerequisites for this course include the MICROS 9700 System Administrator 1 Course, and basic SQL (Structured Query Language) knowledge.  

Consisting of both lecture and hands-on opportunities for all attendees, courses are led by experienced CBORD® instructors. Contact us for assistance in determining which course is best for your training needs. You can reach me at 607.257.2410 ext. 2265, or send us an email at cs_training@cbord.com.

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Article by: Carrie Susskind, CBORD